Saturday, July 23, 2011

Is It The Best?

A few days ago, when announcing the release of our new study guide, Wisdom – The Next Step, I posted on Facebook that this book is “the best study guide ever written on Proverbs.”  A family member immediately challenged me, and warned that Proverbs has something to say about pride.

So, please let me explain why I think this is the best study guide ever written on Proverbs.  In general, Proverbs is a difficult book to study because it is a collection of wise sayings.  There is no historical narrative, as is common in the Old Testament.  And, it is not a letter, as is common in the New Testament.  There really is no pure outline as we tend to prefer in Western Culture.

Wisdom – The Next Step begins with the last poem found in Proverbs, and then uses that poem as a launching point from which to explore the rest of Proverbs.  There are six major themes found in Proverbs 31:10-31 which are also found throughout the entire collection.  By building a foundation from the poem located at the end of Proverbs, you gain insight into the entire book.

Is it the best study guide written on Proverbs?  That’s hard to prove.  But, I do guarantee that once you have completed the study you will have gained valuable insight into Proverbs 31:10-31, the entire book of Proverbs, and how to apply wisdom in your everyday life.

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Words that have lost their meaning

This morning I got my basketball out of the garage to go shoot some hoops.  Glancing at the label on the ball I noticed it is an “Official Indoor/Outdoor Basketball.”  Really?  Seriously?  In who’s opinion?  Is there an official indoor/outdoor basketball committee?  Or an official indoor/outdoor rating criteria?

That got me thinking about words we use every day that have lost their meaning.  “Official” is a good example.  Everything these days is “official.”  But, they never tell you which organization determined that it is genuinely official.

“Love” is another good example.  People “love” their dog, their car, their kids, their food, their hair color.  We “love” so many things and events and people that the word has lost its meaning.

How about “free”?  What is the first thing you do when you see “free” in any advertisement?  Look for the fine print!!  “Free, with $500 purchase.”  “Free, when you sign up for 2 years of service.”  “Free, when you pay $20 for shipping and handling.”

Oh, there’s so many more.  “Fresh” means that at some point in time, this product was baked.  The exact point of time being … Maybe in the last 24 hours, or 5 days.  “Homemade” is another good example.  Every restaurant in the world has food that is “homemade.”  Really, they live in their restaurant?  Or, they cook it in their kitchen and bring it to the restaurant?  Either way, that doesn’t sound healthy.

Maybe you can think of some other words that have lost their meaning.  If so, write them in the comments section!!