Monday, February 14, 2011

Widsom Cries Out Publications now has a blog!!

As many of you know, we have recently published two Bible Study Guides:  “Ready to Receive, Ready to Share” and “Strength to Lead, Courage to Follow.”

What you may not know is that we are looking forward to releasing our third Study Guide, “A Passion for Partnering with God,” later this month.  This new study guide is much different from our first two publications.  We wrote this guide based on “Mover of Men and Mountains,” the autobiography of R.G. LeTourneau.

Also in the works is a fourth study guide which will focus on the parables of Jesus.  This guide is being developed with a friend from church, Eric Martin.  As we go through the process of developing these studies I will be blogging some of the truths, challenges, and questions we find in the parables.

We are looking forward to sharing this learning process with our friends and famly.

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