Monday, May 9, 2011

A Passion for Partnering with God

Over the weekend we released our fourth book, “A Passion for Partnering with God.”  This study guide is very different from our other three publications.  This is not a Bible study guide.  Instead, the study is based on the autobiography of R.G. LeTourneau.

A few years ago a member of our college group, who attended LeTourneau University, told me some interesting stories about the founder of the school.  Eventually, I read “Mover of Men and Mountains.”  After just a few pages I was hooked!!  The life and trials and accomplishments of R.G. LeTourneau are amazing.  Even though he lived several decades ago, the events in his life were very similar to modern day events.

For example, as I was reading about the “Swine Flu” on the Internet, I was reading about the Spanish Flu epidemic that killed 25,000,000 people in 1918.  R.G. survived the Spanish Flu, but his first born son was one of millions of infants who did not survive.

As I was reading about R.G.’s business ventures during the Great Depression, we were experiencing the Great Recession.  How encouraging it was to read that the sales of R.G.’s business grew in dramatic ways during the years of the Great Depression.

About half way through the book I realized that the life lessons of R.G. were lessons we all need to learn.  I contacted the publisher, Moody Publishers, and asked for permission to extensively quote the autobiography.  They agreed, and so I created a study guide for the book.  Each question in the study guide is linked by page number to the autobiography.

You can learn more about the study guide at  Just click on the button labeled “Partnering with God.”

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